What can I say, except for “You should not be here.” That’s right, in all likelihood, you should not be viewing this web page. Yet, here you are.

How did you get here? You probably got here by clicking on something you should not have clicked on. And if this site was not being hosted by the good guys (e.g., me), damage might have already occurred.

What could have happened? If this website were malicious, your computer could have been compromised by malware just by visiting.

What should you do? First and most importantly, make sure your software is up to date. For a Windows system, that means running Windows Update regularly (at least once a month), keeping your Adobe Flash player up to date, and keeping your Java current. Next, make sure you are running a legitimate Anti-Virus product. If you are not running Windows, you still need to do the above, but find another website for that.

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